Into the Looking Glass Ritual Herbal Smoking Blend

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You want a spiritual experience...

  • 5D chats with your ancestors...
  • Astral projecting to future moments...
  • Or just spiritual creativity downloads to aide in your next business move...

Inspiration is what this mix was blended for; massive third eye action.

This blend was blended to work best with an Indica cannabis blend. Spirit is warning against novices to spirit workings to use it in conjunction with a Sativa blend. Consider this your warning! Everyone wants an awakening until you can't stop the voices in your head.



Mix with an Indica cannabis blend to bring clarity to a project, astral project or just to open your third eye. Or smoke alone for a milder experience.

Suggested ratio to mix is 1:1. So match it gram for gram with your cannabis.

Each vial includes 5 grams of herbals

Ingredients: *Mugwort, *Lemongrass, *Passion flower, *Calendula and Cornflower

*Organic and Kosher





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