All Chakra'd Out Ritual Herbal Smoke Blend

All Chakra'd Out Ritual Herbal Smoke Blend

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You're so frazzled...

  • Your dog died...
  • Your man acting up....
  • Or they simply didn't have your size in that cute sequined mini dress...

Either way, you are not on your game. You need to reign in your emotions before you burn bridges you gotta cross back over. 

This blend is for you. As a standalone, this blend is intended to bring all your chakras back into alignment and level you out into divine femininity. 

It will help you stop the ugly cry, and allow you to Naomi Campbell walk your way through your day. Get it boo!

Mix with an Indica cannabis blend to bring about a mellow vibe; you know, brunch with the besties or a night in with your Netflix "date" *wink*. (No judgement here)

Mix with a Sativa cannabis blend for the more in your face goddess femininity; think that night out clubbing, or that retreat presentation where you have to rock the stage for an hour.

Suggested ratio to mix is 1:1. So match it gram for gram with your cannabis. Or smoke solo. It's awesome either way.

Each vial includes 5 grams of herbals

Ingredients: Raspberry leaf, Rose petals, Lavender, Hibiscus, & Calendula.

This blend is 100% Organic and Kosher





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