(B)itch Be Gone Yeast Eliminating Vaginal Soft Scrub

(B)itch Be Gone Yeast Eliminating Vaginal Soft Scrub

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You: You ever feel "not so fresh" down there? 

Me: Nahhh. Nope not me.... Sike! Gurl, yes!


If you've ever had to do the cross-legged squirm scratch to stop the itching, then you know what I mean.

Between the itching, inflammation and swelling in your nether regions, yeast infections makes it hard to focus on normal day to day activities.

Your pussy is say, "HELP ME!" 

And you've tried, but nothing brought relief.

This baking soda and hydrogen peroxide soft scrub neutralizes yeast and bacteria on contact, giving almost instant relief of symptoms. Reduce the swelling, and itching in one shower!!!


Directions: Pour a bit of the powder into your hands, and then squirt a small amount of the peroxide activator onto it, to form a paste. Rub hands together, then use your wands to massage onto your vaginal area. Ensure you get your thighs, labia and towards your rectal area. Do not use a wash cloth. Use your hands. Then rinse. Repeat. Do this daily until your yeast infection is gone. Can be used after your cycle and after sex as a preventative measure as well.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Hydrogen Peroxide, and a propriety blend essential oils


This product and suggestions are not to replace your physicians care. Consult your physician should your symptoms persist. 

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